Live richly (25 Dec. 2008)

Evolution, after a hideously long start, finally resulted in the emergence of a species -- homo sapien sapiens -- which is capable of doing something other than participate in the eat-or-be-eaten "ethos," that was the only "story" the universe had to tell 'til that point. Nothing should be treated with disrespect, but neither the Earth nor the Universe is to be looked to for wisdom.

The way forward is to imagine life as something we deserve to enjoy very richly. It is to continue to see in the everyday so many new opportunities to play and grow. We should treat those who feel the need for dopamine-fueled episodes of narcissism – “I'm King of the World”-type stuff (forgive me James Cameron -- I very much still did enjoy your movie!) -- but also those who feel the chronic need to downplay their own life's gains, to characterize the life they *prefer* to live, as mediocre.

Link: The Tyee


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