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Wolfe as Catholic

During... perhaps especially Bobby Kennedy's heyday, establishing someone as fundamentally Catholic would probably tell you not all that much... it might even lean towards making you assume they're a version of today's "social justice warrior"; someone who advocates for the forgotten, and is a voice of the young upsurge. (The youngest American president in history, Kennedy, was elected at the precise time America left its '50s consolidation period, and launched into political, leftwing, youth-oriented, explosiveness, and he and his brother were a big part of that voice.)
Today I don't think we should be blind to realizing that establishing him as fundamentally Catholic, could be a way of orienting him almost as an agent of the counter-reformation... of a weapon against the voice of the young, which is today again and again and again, exposing the Catholic church as so suspiciously rearguard in our contemporary effort to create an environment where the abus…

Finished Short Sun

Finished Short Sun. First thoughts... Abandonment, deserting people, being deserted, is a big theme in "Short Sun" (not loyal to me? well, I'll just leave you here in this cellar on Green and watch you subsequently humiliate yourselves by clinging to me oh so desperately thereafter, praying I'll oblige your declared intention to forever after be my slave if only I don't leave you again!). Horn deserted his mother, and it's given complete validation in the text, for if he hadn't he would have remained -- his mother's preference for him -- a child forever. Repercussions for Horn? Not much. Because he ended up, with his and Nettle's paper business, doing so well for themselves, and having money to fund his siblings and his mother on Blue, we are told that she was simply proud of him (reminded me here of Winnoc's sending money home, actually). Lesson: you are right to ascribe dark motives to your parents? You are right to act violently -- abandonme…