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Recent postings at Clio's Psyche concerning what would happen if Obama was linked to #metoo (all names of conversation participants other than mine, altered)

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Nov 17

Paul Kinsmaun has said some interesting things about Obama's relationship with his mother  -- of how he felt mostly abandoned by her -- that strikes me as rather pertinent right now. One of the reasons #metoo is emerging right now is not only because we've evolved but because this is a populist moment where victims, where violence against women, where used, spurned women imagined together as an angry, chasing, annihilating horde, can be used to discredit arenas of liberal power -- Hollywood, Washington -- and as well the previous reigning societal "philosophy" -- neoliberalism -- with any possible defence of why the massive horrible prevalence, totally absconded from view. (There are actually a number of them, all hopelessly politically incorrect/vile: one, as Ann Douglas argues in her book on the 1920s, "Terrible Honesty," perhaps in certain historical periods creativity requires the presence of the Terrifying Fathe…

Sitting with individuals and given them their due attention, while they contrive ways to leave full presumption to the woman in charge, in "Justice League"

There are some fine things about Justice League. Batman giving Flash, who's never been in battle, some good advice on how to engage -- save one person, just save one person -- is one, for it's true that without some perfectly aimed advice -- and this seemed like that, and the pleasure was in finding it so well pointed -- it might be difficult for someone with all the ability in the world but without acclimatization to supernatural, sure-of-themselves, deadly foes, to not humiliatingly quail in their ability to usefully harness any of it, the fight with Superman -- especially his moments vis-a-vis Flash, with Superman's surprising him with his ability to mostly -- but strangely satisfyingly, not exactly quite -- keep up with him, is another, and the considerable respect given each member of the team, like the film's a progressive teacher making sure everyone is heard from, is another. (Why is the fight with Superman overall... satisfying?: perhaps because, as their isn&…

The consequences of liberals insisting on a truly awake existence

(originally posted at Clio's Psyche, Nov. 9) 

This is going to be hard thought to express, but here goes: 

Most are assuming that the massive power of #metoo right now means we've finally become more progressive. I'm not sure that's the only reason for the timing of this, though, this mass demolition of opponents, of predators, who successfully cowed people for decade after decade. I think in play is also a public's sense that this is all about licentiousness, about people using their power and having revelled in it (picture Weinstein right now; his gloating), and believe it or not I think this could hurt progressives more than it will conservatives.

I think people assess that when liberals partake in "spoils" it's all done for their own enjoyment, their own sick pleasure; but when conservatives do so it's somehow not the same thing, for they assess conservatives as those who fundamentally have forsaken themselves the right to self-individualize, to …

Discussion about Rebecca Traister's "Your reckoning. And mine"
billydwilliamsthethethird23 hours ago As a man I want to respect the feelings of women who have been subject to harassment/abuse of power.  Still, I do feel that principles of due process and fairness are important..   
Trouble is, hubris sells.  A measured, justice-seeking ethos would make it harder for a magazine to create a hard-hitting narrative of victims, aggressors, and reckoning. 
This is a story about gender.  It is also about human failing and wrongdoing.  Even though men tend to hold more leadership roles, other stories of men as "victims" are also valid.

How many dozens of female high school teachers or coaches have been found guilty of sexual conduct with their students in the past few years?   Obviously not the fault of patriarchy.  The truth is complicated.
Emotional and even some physical abuse by women is indeed widespread.
Starting my career, I found myself on the receiving end of…

More discussion on "I Love You, Daddy" at the NewYorker Movie Facebook Club

Richard Brodyshared alink.Moderator·November 11 at 11:46am A longer word on I Love You, Daddy: the release was cancelled, but—even apart from Louis C.K.'s misconduct—it's a disgusting film that never should have been acquired for distribution in the first place. (Absolutely not saying he shouldn't be able to show it—but that no responsible company should ever have gotten behind it.) I saw it a few weeks before the stories came out; it was an infuriating experience—like watching an act of cinematic gaslighting; here are some of the details (I wrote twice as much because there were so many more, but mercifully cut back on them):…/why-louis-cks-i-love-you-daddy-…

Why Louis C.K.’s “I Love You, Daddy” Should Never Have Been Distributed in the First Place C.K.’s movie doesn’t just excuse but actually endorses sexual depredation as an artistic practice and as a way of life. NEWYORKER.COM