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Discussion of "Memories of Underdevelopment," at the NewYorker Movie Facebook Club

Kristy EldredgeJanuary 18 at 11:09am · New York, NY, United States New Yorkers: Did any of you catch Memories of Underdevelopment at Film Forum this past week? (Today is the last day.) It is indeed extraordinary, as Richard Brody said. It shows Cuba right after the revolution through the mind of a disaffected man. It's filmed in black-and-white and at times brings to mind Breathless by Godard. One thing I found striking was how the main character blamed his own torpor on his locale. Cuba, being in the minds of Americans anyway an image of freedom from Puritan strictures, and a serious experiment with socialism, isn't often derided as a limited backwater, as this character moodily saw it. But he was intensely critical of his surroundings. Anyway, did anyone else see it and have any thoughts? LikeShow more reactions CommentShare 6You and 5 others CommentsView 3 more comments Bjorn Arvidsson It still fascinates me, how Americans can discuss pretty much any subject in an adult fashion t…

Discussion about a Macleans magazine article on Trevor Peterson, on Facebook

Jane M.
This is such a concise summary of what makes him so laughable. Is Jordan Peterson the stupid man's smart person? - Tabatha Southey delves into University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson's work and finds his secret sauce—and what makes his work unnerving MACLEANS.CA LikeShow more reactions CommentShare Patrick McEvoy-Halston But many university professors and students are at work undermining works that are a source of pride to a lot of Westerners. Historically situating texts, applying trigger warnings to many of them, often feels like set-up so that when an even bolder generation of profs and students come around, they'll be easy for wholesale dispatch. And if they're deserving of this rejection, good for them! Texts of the ancient Greeks are replete with justified rapes... and this is something we have to forever acquaint ourselves, because? The ambition is not minor, even if the effects so far are. Many people believe that something they depend on …

Conversation about why actors allow themselves to appear in certain movies, at the NewYorker Movie Facebook Club

Margaret DumasJanuary 10 at 12:40pm I almost don't know how to posit this question for fear of sounding either snobbish or naive: Why do well credentialed actors agree to be in movies like this?

Carolyn Faulkner Mortgage payments aren’t cheap 6 Manage Like · Reply · 1d Bjorn Arvidsson I've seen a lot of phenomenal British actors in made-for-tv crap; I can only assume it's money. When I was relying on singing for my pay-checks (which I did for 25 years) we all joked and said "we're prostitutes, we'll do anything for money!" 1 Manage Like · Reply ·