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Her dress might not look like it, but Lucy is a student devoted to her studies. She's certainly ready to party, but her life course is not open to anything really untoward and divergent ... to anything that might spark her onto a path of self-exploration that hasn't been approved for her, like study-hard-and-get-a-staid-safe-job, clearly has. She's forced onto this path, however, clamped down, and the results aren't the riches promised to her but rather along the sort of ghoulish fate a disapproving super-ego would have chased onto her for the grotesque approbation. It involves -- pretty much in the same heartbeat in which a new path was presented -- the brutal dispatch of her new lover/friend, a floor-platter of corpses, and a long incision made into her abdomen/pelvic region, degrading her into the role of a container. She emerges out of total obliteration, and first thing, calls her mother -- to tell her over and over again how much she loves her; how she is, ostens…