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Post at Les Miserables facebook group

Patrick McEvoy-Halston shared a link. November 7 at 6:25 PM To explain a bit better something I made reference to at today's morning meeting:
You may have heard that that strange object spotted in our solar system earlier this year, the one that looked like a giant rock sliver, has been determined by Harvard scientists to actually be an alien vessel. This is for real --…/mysterious-interstellar-comet-may-be-a…
What Harvard did not determine for us is whom are alien visitors might be, but I can say with some authority that they belong to the alien race of GABATARS, of whom, it turns out, Gab... always seeming a bit -- and I hope this is of no offence! -- feline in appearance to me, is an advance scout. 
Therefore, in an effort to thwart recent trends on how to behave diplomatically... and so actually behave diplomatically, I have asked Dr. Grace Augustine, who literally wrote the book about GABATARS, to help us better understand the meaning behind their diction.
To sta…

NewYorker Movie Facebook Club discussion on Richard Brody's Most Dangerous Films of 2018

As we approach the terminus of 2018, here's a list of films from this year that Richard Brody estimates as prompting us to be vain, ignorant, prejudiced, lazy, paranoid.... as doing the opposite of challenging us to become better, more woke, and so which cooperate in making us de facto agents of evil.
A Quiet Place: The movie’s survivalist horror-fantasy offers the argument for turning a rustic farmhouse into a virtual fortress, for the video surveillance and the emergency lighting and, above all, the stash of firearms that (along with a bit of high-tech trickery that is too good to spoil) is the ultimate game changer, the ultimate and decisive defense against home intruders.
First Man: In its explicit content, and by artful omission, “First Man” subscribes to the misbegotten political premise that America used to be greater—and that the liberating and equalizing activism of the sixties ignored, dismissed, and even undermined that greatness.
Incredibles 2: Yet what’s chilling about “…