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Rejuvenation and spittle, in "the Mummy"

Not the best of times to feature someone in their twenties of partial Middle-Eastern ancestry, suddenly turning from a regular Joe into someone loyal to an ancestral sect, who'll suddenly start stabbing people, especially if London subsequently is much of your movie's setting. In his case, a spider -- focusing on him, for some reason, on Tom Cruise's sidekick in the film, Jake Johnson's Chris Vail, that is, when there were other options available -- bit him, and made him a minion-in-hiding who would soon turn radical. I was shocked when the character suddenly out of nowhere stabbed the army officer in the chest with the knife, and the recent London attackdidcome to my mind, which was a real crime inflicted on the actor playing the part, to see him momentarily as a real-life terrorizer, that is, because he had given the movie such a good, loose, humorous start... some serving of "Second City" comedy in the desert. We'd rather he'd been handed something…

Reply to David Edelstein's apology

Link to his apology over his Wonder Woman review. I'm Harpoon. 
You might be genuine about the "mouthiness," but wasn't something like this applied recently to Hillary Clinton, to her great disadvantage?... surely you must be aware of this. She was a pant-suited warrior who took no one's guff, and a lot of people saw a visage like the overwhelming mother of their childhoods, and fled to Bernie or to the vicious man -- that is, Gloria Steinem's take. Strikes me that in explaining how to you the term expresses only clear-cut admiration, you're expunging some things from memory that can't be all THAT repressed, given the nearness of the election, so you don't find you've trespassed into the unforgivable -- demonstrated unconscious fear of the castrating woman. I sensed your own dis-ease, not just your admiration, here. 
There is S&M though, isn't there? Chris Pine's in a chair, wrapped around in rope, powerless to do anything bu…

The Logos of "Wonder Woman"

There is a moment late in "Wonder Woman" where Gal Gadot's Diana could decide to help her brother Ares destroy the Earth if she wanted to. He's angling for it, and moves to convince her by remarking that he himself didn't produce the instinct to war in men, but only stood by their sides, whispering to them enhancements in their creative schemes to annihilate one another. Them gone, he asserts, Earth becomes a green paradise -- amidst all the grey sooted landscapes you've seen here, imagine instead a green lush paradise -- who wouldn't prefer that?! Diana pauses, and thinks of everything she has personally known of men, and finds enough that she's loved "there" that she can rebuff her brother and begin her effort to stop his machinations and annihilate him. What came to mind? Instances of intellectual challenge? Of any kind of substantial challenge, whatsoever -- something adult, that is: true undiscovered knowledge? No, her brother is curren…