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Recent comments at (July 29 2016). I am Emporium.

Original Article: Kudos to Hillary for playing the woman card: If people are going to call her a witch, she’ll tell them she’s Hermione GrangerFRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 3:23 PM  Aunt MessyEmporiumturney333Jayne Cullen Just for you, Aunt Messy: The fact that Hillary and Chelsea wore different color dresses intrigues me as well. They weren't unified, part of one-another -- all white. It was a white and red "split". Maybe not a priming of good-and-bad-witch, pure-and-bad-blood split... something which will soon be displaced onto Trump, as he gets portrayed as a foreign Russian devil, with noticeable female attributes. But I wonder if they were encouraging us to see Chelsea as the blood on Hillary's hands: that with Hillary elected, the future of the young would be a sacrifice of blood.  A subconscious communication: if you're tired of pushy, uppity, disrespectful youth -- you don't need to go Trump Republican... Hillary will make sure they'll be targeted and kill…

Recent posts at (July 14 2016). I'm Emporium

Original Article: GOP war on porn: The same party that nominated a libertine for president is now calling your porn a “public health crisis”THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2016 2:30 PM  Jayne CullenAlgernon2 The war on pornography that is going on right now though is perhaps best understood as a war against pleasure. It is the emerging prudish attitude of the 1930s condemning Jazz Age fun as civilization-destroying. It really just isn't the time to be with those who argue that porn dehumanizes. Such times might have once existed. Not now. Best to go with Marcotte's people just having a bit of me time on occasions.