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Review of "BlacKKKlansman"

In current news, the Atlantic Monthly just gave Jordan Peterson -- who is for "the Bell Curve" -- the thumbs-up. If you want to know what giving room for regressive attitudes to grow is about, Spike Lee's film is exhibit A: stay focused on your opponents as idiots (the Black Panthers have the leader who is dangerous for being intrinsically persuasive; the Right only has -- with its best; its most advanced "prototype" -- someone who is only tactically not an idiot), so that you don't have to notice that you've become someone who if you witness one who is intelligent, encounter their poise and reasoning, you'll find yourself actually interested... to the psychic discombobulation that'll currently incur for you with that. With all the homophobia that the left is showing it increasing is obviously actually FOR, without -- via the displacement of their own anxieties over it, of homosexuality ostensibly about rendered offensively femininized, onto the…