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"Glass" is not enough, but something in contribution to making someone else appear to make use of our eyes

Anthony Lane in review of this film postulated that no one would really be all that agog at realizing that there were people out there that were capable of doing feats that no one of our current biology could manage -- feats of strength that were evidently, as we weighted if maybe the strongest MIGHT actually manage them, 50 to 100% more than any man really could, regardless of how full of adrenaline, or heavily heaped in muscles, for example. He assumed that whatever they saw, they'd subsume it with their awareness of how much now is digitally altered, or regularly explained away as as extraordinary they are, how they're ACTUALLY still within human capacities... perhaps from understanding "outside human capacity" as the stuff movie superheroes do, which is the like of not just making a significant dent in a car, not just lifting one side of one and putting it on edge, but ripping in it two, or lifting the whole damn thing and tossing it.
There is a way in which he is…

Discussion of Short Sun, at the Facebook Gene Wolfe Appreciation site

Mike Bennewitz January 15 at 5:56 PM Some thoughts on the themes in Book of the Short Sun [Spoilers] I've just finished a re-read of Book of the Long Sun and Book of the Short Sun. Short Sun infected my mind more than Long Sun, I guess. I don't have as many questions about LS as I do about SS. Wolfe is very obsessed with doubled identity throughout Short Sun. It's woven into so many aspects of the book that unless there is a transubstantial meaning I'm missing, I'm going to have to take it as a big clue that the narrator's identity is doubled. You could be forgiven for not realizing that the narrator has two mind/spirits inhabiting his body throughout half of the series. While Wolfe obscures this a little bit, he's telling you nearly everywhere that things are doubled. • A Binary System of two planets • Two quills in the pen case • Neighbors are like doubled humans, 4 arms and 4 legs. • Animals of Blue are doubled. 8 legs, 2 trunks, 4 eyes, 4 wings... • Neighbors can…