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News flash! Climate change is not only a fraud and a hoax, but it is a sinister conspiracy of the "left" to create an unelected eco-dictatorship that spans the globe. Millions of the world’s poorest will die, and civilization as we know it will perish unless we stop this plot before it is too late.

That remarkable message was delivered this week by the flamboyantly pompous Lord Christopher Walter, the Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, at a lunch time talk hosted by the Fraser Institute, and sponsored by the so-called "Friends" of Science. [. . .] Let's start by pointing out that Lord Monckton is not a "lord" at all if by his title you assumed he is a member of the British Parliament's House of Lords. In fact, he received no votes in 2007 House of Lords Conservative Hereditary Peers' byelection. (Mitchell Anderson, “Why are oddballs like this guy winning?,” The Tyee 21 Oct. 2009)

So long as our opponents look the part of clowns (but what's more clownish -- fake lords, or "real" ones in the 21st century?), we're okay. The left will know its opponent, and be able to unite against it. More worrying will be when the emotive clowns are dispatched (this always happens at some point -- McCarthy and Gingrich were everywhere one day, and nowhere the next), and sober respectables (read: Ignatieffs) carry the day. Respectables, that is, who are no nonsense, into self-sacrifice, environmentalism, localism, and who will claim the support of at least half the current left AND the right. If environmentalism goes hand-in-hand with militarism, youth blood sacrifice (oh, the spoiled youth of today!), punishment, and loses all connection with peace, love, ease and happiness, the right will embrace it in a way which will astonish. Watch for it. Here and in the States.

They (i.e., the right) primarily are interested in seeing people suffer. They'll use whatever at hand for righteous cover -- God or Nature, will do equally well. Jesus and flower-power, not so well.

Link: "Why are the oddballs winning?"


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