Friday, July 2, 2010

maybe sometimes the point is to NOT feel their pain?

So what are we making of the spill?

Is the current criticism of Obama, his (emotional) distance, his seeming compliance with BP, 
sign that he is doing what we want of him: namely, demonstrate that those who express their desperation and huge need will largely be ignored? The spill is helping create what we most want: more and more of the desperate and despairing, to feel "it" (i.e., emotions associated with our own early
neglect) so we
don't have to. The spills "soiled" joins Afghanistan's "chewed"?

He ignored the far left, and they screamed turncoat! He displeased the far right, and they tea-bagged. He seems remote at a time when some of the poorest (i.e., most needy) regions of the U.S. (the gulf region) are looking at apparent (at least) dissolution of a whole reason for existence. 
He's a keeper.

Note: Originally posted at realpsychohistory (13 June 2010)

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