Friday, August 20, 2010

Xbox your movie

Xbox your movie

3D will interest when it seems linked to an argument that the whole experience of BEING TOLD a story for two hours straight needs explanation, when the possibility might be opened up that you could rather play a part in the movie-world you've "entered." Right now, we're on the wall somewhere -- a camera, a microphone. Attending, listening -- not a chance to further participate until the movie-world shuts down and we're talking about it a reality away. If 3D takes us more transparently into the world, maybe we'll soon insist on having a voice there as well. But if this isn't already our inkling, 3D alone won't take us there, though. You're more immersed, but still straight-jacketed. Even if it comes to the art film, this may not be progress.

How might we redeem the turn from watching a film to actively living / experiencing / determining a new reality -- making it reality -- so that it doesn't seem a freedom craved only by the finger-twitching XBOX sort?

Link: 3-D filmmaking's radical, revolutionary potential

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