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Not exactly seeing it in its best light

Since you all abandoned the other thread

"Starkey racism row: It is the political elite's ceaseless denigration of white working-class culture that has 'turned kids black' "


What changed is not so much that blacks, followed by whites, immersed themselves in the lingo or outlook of their ancestors, but rather that white working-class culture has in recent years been denigrated to an extraordinary degree. From the way the white working classes speak (un-PC, foul) to what they eat (”junk food”, which makes them “obese”) to what they wear (the girls dress like “slags”, the boys like “scum”), virtually every facet of white working-class life has been subjected to the ridicule of the political and cultural elite, finding itself mocked on TV shows and tut-tutted over or legislated against in parliament and the press. Meanwhile working-class institutions are either in a state of disarray (trade unions being the best example) or have been invaded by the intolerant nannies and nudgers of the prole-loathing elite: consider the public house, once a relatively free zone, now colonised by morality cops on the lookout for smoking, excessive boozing and anything with a whiff of rowdiness. Football games, post-work pints, EastEnd attitude, northern grit – hardly any aspect of white working-class culture has escaped being problematised by the snobs, therapists and health obsessives who govern modern Britain.

At the same time, immigrant cultures are more likely to be celebrated, as “vibrant” by the educational establishment and as “cool” by the trustafarian chattering classes who like nothing better than listening to Niggaz with Attitude on their outsized headphones. The movers and shakers of modern British society demonise white working-class culture while simultaneously slumming it with what they consider to be the “noble savages” of the immigrant community. In such a climate, is it really any wonder that white working-class kids are “turning black”? Their so-called “blackness” was not in any way the cause of the riots, but it does point to a problem that at least contributed to that urban upheaval: the fact that huge swathes of lower-class youth feel cut off not only from society but also from their traditional cultures, turning them into confused, at-sea, potentially nihilistic individuals.

Comment from Australia:


Today 06:07 AM

We see the same here in Australia. White kids listening to gangster rapp, acting like black thugs, they've completely lost their own identity. Also the media is constantly telling white people over here how evil we all are leading to a depressing sense of identity as well. We are only about 5-10 years behind the UK and I fear for our survival as we are being swamped with Black American culture (especially) and the constant witch hunts by the media against whites whilst trying (unsuccessfully) trying to cover up the growing horrific crimes commited against white Australians by African and other immigrants. There is huge racial tensions between the Africans and Aboriginals who call them 'invaders' (are you going to call Aboriginies racists Fabian delusions?) and even our Middle Eastern immigrants have problems with them. I never hated any other ethnic group before but am growing tired and weary of this no so-obvious planned destruction of Western countries and the now inevitable genocide of the European race.

See, folks, this is happening all over the Western-European world. And people see it. Even the other "trolls" on Salon who hate me say the same thing: "Oh, it's hate whitey day again on Salon."

So, what can we do? (—Grand Duchess Anastasiya Nikolayevna’s paregoric bottle, in comment section of associated press’s “London police charge 1,000th person in riots probe,” 17 August 2011)


The liberalism you despise is about to come to a complete close. The reform in manners you hope for will come to; it'll keep people feeling contained and controlled as a snug-fitting Nazi uniform.

Liberalism has been just awful for quite some time, but the truth that is so important to understand but near impossible to be countenanced, is that everything since the late '70s was due to become a frustratingly warped form of its earlier incarnations. Liberalism will once again unambiguously shine golden, but this will require the commencement of a new golden age, where regressives give progressives some stretch and more or less for a time let them lead the way, and where progressives themselves are free from self-shakles they'll end up applying when they too have decided society has had it too good. This will come only after what we're about to see here: the emergence of the – everyone-agreed -- noble working classer, the emergence of the spritual greatness of original stock folk, and a war against polluted others that everyone will feel good about but that will obnoxiously, terrifyingly outdo in carnage the scapegoating and casually applied debasement you goad liberals for.

Link: London police charge 1,000th person in riots probe (Salon)


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