Part of what Milo argues is what Chris Hedges argues. That we have a liberal professional class that covets its rulership more than anything else. With both of them, trolls didn't necessitate this class regrettably closing its doors. Rather, enjoying the idea of their foreclosed ownership of what is right opinion and correct manners -- enjoying being distinct and better than everyone else -- they sought out means to classify everyone outside of their class as predators, trolls, deplorables. To both Milo and Hedges, our situation is Versailles. 

And the problem for the left is that there is truth in this. We just live outside those periods of unambiguous growth where the most progressive people out there -- which is always the left -- are absolutely uninterested in bourgeois/genteel pretensions. We've had that age -- the 60s. Now we are living in one where -- though they cannot acknowledge it -- they actually do enjoy the idea that they and their children will be part of a class clearly superior to other people. Best schools, right company .... since kindergarden, manufactured in a way that the cultural anthropologist studies to be recognized as unrelated to the odious and suspect mass public. 

We should hate this. It's obnoxious. It's even unfair to the professional class because if they were induced to be a bit more emotionally healthy, they would not be enjoying this but noticing how shortchanged it is to a truly egalitarian environment (remember when liberals created the internet and genuinely hoped it would allow hundreds of thousands of people to shine!).
But it is something they will eventually evolve out of. It makes them vulnerable to attack, but they remain the most emotionally healthy people out there. And the policies someone like Clinton, who overall seems one of the more emotionally healthy people of her fine generation, will implement, will empower people and lesson the incurred growth of sadism and hate. If she can get in in this sort of environment, it would be a massively encouraging event. It would tell me that even during this period where so many people are rebelling against genuine progress, which owing to their own impaired childhoods, they feel makes people "bad" and "selfish," we're going to skate through this period better than they did the previous period like this, the 1930s. 


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