Your pain is worthy, but there is a lesson to be made of you

Let me be clear: I think those are all perfectly reasonable questions. It's just that I think they're perfectly reasonable questions to ask about the objectification of Megan Fox, and every other Action Movie Girlfriend in history, as well. Treating a man just as poorly as women have long been treated in films made for young male audiences is not the kind of gender equality that gives me hope for the future. But thinking critically about why folks become so offended when they see that happening might, in fact, lead to a bit of progress. Why is it so unsettling to see a young male actor dehumanized, but not his female counterpart? Why do we sympathize with a man saying it's hard to be nothing but a pretty face, but vilify a woman who says it? Whether or not you can answer those questions, if you can at least spot the difference, you are obliged to do one of two things. In Doyle's words: "Be less weirded out by the fact that ladies are getting all freaky about Robert Pattinson. Or be MORE weirded out by the dudes getting all het up about various lady movie stars." (Kate Harding, “Another feminist defence of ‘Twilight,’ Salon, 23 November 2009)

Broadsheet sees no dawn for men: learn to love the leash

Guys, you're shit out of luck. You think you've earned a right to a hearing, but you've only really just begun to understand the suffering. Women have been boy-toys since cave-men invented patriarchy. Milleniums of objectification, with no remedy, no notice, no justice; and now with the leash barely on, you think we'll respect your wimper? Maybe sometime year 3000, but since you started it all, maybe never.

Also, hope for a better future and all that.



P.S. In truth, we think Megan Fox is a bimbo slut. She proved momentarily useful, is all--have at her.

Link: “Another feminist defence of ‘Twilight’” (Salon)


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