A hell of a lot happened to us and our friends out there

Seriously. Ask anyone who's seen it, ask someone who's just walking out of the theater — ask them what happened in the movie or if they remember any particular lines or scenes or dramatic or memorable moments. (Amity, response to post, “James Cameron: Artist, termite, or elephant man?” Salon, 20 January 2010)

It would be inaccurate (to how they experienced the film) and distracting for people to think of the particular, when they are still collecting themselves after being offered, not just an affecting experience, but almost a new philosophical/psychological/spiritual DIRECTION, a right-seeming/feeling way of being that has captured the kind of rescue they want for the way ahead. They're not quite sure why they like it, but they know there's something important in it -- some essence -- that has made them very happy, and are right now drawn more to cover, flame, and relish its overall fire than risk losing its source by stepping back to examine. They'll happily offer-up 3D, great action -- albeit with familiar storylines -- as what the film's all about, but it's just easy, passable, non-thought talk that ready ables them to carry along while they slowly work at the real "junk" that's working away at them.

For myself, there are countless instances I'm replaying. Most especially now, his running along the huge-limbed trees, when Jake's first met Neytiri. Immediately after the film it was that too, plus the whole affect of the tree-downing scene, and the sad emotional retreat to Eywa.

Of the lines, I liked and remember Selfridge's. I really like Cameron -- all this films, certainly including Avatar -- but the film will help people seem even more glassy-eyed and unavailable. They'll take my corrective, hopefully sanity-recalling snarks, and see only a person who doesn't care at all.

And guys, let's talk less about intellect and theory, and more about how we FELT as we LIVED the film. It was mostly real for many of us -- and a hell of a lot of life happened to us and our friends out there.

Link: “James Cameron: Artist, termite, or elephant man?” (Salon)


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