Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Re: Sadness of the Gore split

There is oil gushing into the ocean and people are killing humanitarian aid workers and the earth is still warming. Those things are on a different plane of sad and have already left us all terribly afraid and depressed and angry this early summer. I didn't know I had any room at all to care about the Gores' relationship, but maybe because it's something so much smaller, so much more personal, a headline so much easier to absorb than the other larger tragedies playing out around the globe that this small piece of political gossip turns out to be such an unbelievable freaking bummer. (Rebecca Traister, “the sadness of the Gore split,” Salon, 1 June 2010)

Giving way

On the bright side, it makes it that much more likely that we'll never need to doubt Obama's marriage -- our dependency on its beauty is now upped a further notch, so that he could actually have been a Tiger Woods, a thousand skeletons could begin to funnel out of his closet, and we know we'd collectively pluck our eyes out before having to attend to any of them.

A few further lords out of the way so Obama can be King.

Link: The sadness of the Gore split (Salon)

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