Thursday, June 24, 2010


Only today, the Associated Press revealed that a Kasich operative advised a state pension fund executive on how to minimize Lehman's role in the fund's losses when talking to reporters. So Kasich was understandably a little sensitive about the issue, accused me of a "smear" and complained that I was "picking on" him. He also advised me to read his book "so you can learn how to control yourself." Yikes! It's called "Hardball," sir.

Also, in the "things I wish I'd said" department: TPM reported in January that Kasich was warning his fellow Republicans that the Tea Party movement was so angry, they would "hang" Republicans "from the nearest tree" if they didn't endorse their far-right agenda. That doesn't make them sound like the reasonable folks Kasich was describing today. (Joan Walsh, “John Kasich, Lehman Brothers populist!,” Salon, 16 June 2010)


Kasich got to speak most of the time, with Chris trying to make him feel respected and at ease, yet despite the pro-offered time and space blew up when Joan poked at him for a brief moment. Once again, mommy issues? Of course. You can't get to the heart of republicanism and patriarchy without understanding that. Something to be explored further -- and not simply derisively -- perhaps?

I also wish Joan had focused mostly on refuting the contention that tea-baggers are reasoning and sane, like she did when Buchanan blew up at her. They are insane, "not well," and we need to spend more time announcing this fact, getting comfortable being derided as liberal elitists when we make our understanding of this clear, so we can move beyond to exploring exactly what this means. Kasich feels it means they'll (tea-baggers) respond to a world-view that entrenches an elite, and resonates everywhere of "sacrifice" and children being served. I think he's right about that.

Link: John Kasich, Lehman Brothers populist! (Salon)

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