Apparently, from now on it'll be the limo ...

The contest:

The King's Speech:

Bertie: Can’t you just give her a nice

house and a title?

David: I won’t have her as my mistress.

Bertie: David, the Church does not

Recognize divorce and you are the

head of the Church.

David: Haven’t I any rights?

Bertie: Many privileges…

David: Not the same thing. Your beloved

Common Man may marry for love, why

not me?

Bertie: If you were the Common Man, on what

basis could you possibly claim to be King?!

David: Sounds like you’ve studied our wretched


Bertie: Sounds like you haven’t.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Cameron: [Ferris slowly pulls the Ferrari out of the garage] No, Ferris. I'm putting my foot down. You're just gonna have to think of something else.

[Ferris keeps driving]

Cameron: Ferris! We could call a limo! One of those stretch jobs with the TV and the bar. How about that?

Ferris: [Ferris pulls the car back slightly] Come on. Live a little!

[Cameron crosses himself, walks to the car]

Once, being anal and clingy only meant your likely to poop diamonds, now it means you’re apparently just the stuff to balk back Hitlers and are due the throne.


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