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Recent Facebook postings concerning the Trump victory

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Lots of talk now about how more than half of voting Americans voted for someone other than Trump. There's anticipation that they might yet sideline this guy, trip him up. But we liberals are only getting a small taste now of the number of Americans that will be abandoning us. It's going to grow and grow, as Trump successfully creates his version of America as a land of newly purified folk, who've recommitted themselves to a country they'd forsaken, that'll include a vast number of people who aren't white. If we're committed now to being wiser so we aren't surprised by future developments, we might remember how surprised we were just recently that so many of our friends whom we thought were feminists revealed themselves, in their obscene hatred of Hillary, as greatly misogynistic Bernie Bros, and shouldn't assume that this phenomena of corruption within what we thought was a heart of god has been staunched. We might remember that SNL skit which showed that many more Americans than just Trump supporters are committed to the idea that Americans ought to be God-fearing and humble, and remain ever-conscious of incongruent these traits are with the progressive goal of individualism and full self-empowerment/self-actualization. For many people, this is way too much self-attending to not be Satan's cause. We are "bad" and were meant to suffer.

I think he'll present a 1950s' version, but that repairs a lot of the damage against black americans (his vision of "bad immigrants" means those brought in 1960s on, through Ted Kennedy's -- that is, through "liberals'", through our -- efforts). The border gate will come up quick, and you'll find some members of the press will even say it actually isn't so bad an idea. He'll start some national work programs, and you'll find some members of the press start saying that "that Trump... he's actually not so bad a guy after all; we just needed to give a chance!" He'll junk Obamacare but surprisingly replace it with something even more substantial for the working class Americans out there that have begun to worship him. And some time after that, when his number of friends has expanded into communities you thought we're guaranteed committed against him (God, national pride, Americans as creatures of sin who've finally begun to redeem themselves through accepting of life as a burden... I wonder how many people who aren't white that'll draw in?) -- he'll start talking about how what we need to now is to eliminate from the country all the vermin that had corrupted it. "Spoiled" university students will be attacked, as will professors who ostensibly have focused mostly on teaching future leaders to hate what is best about the American way of life. Many liberal professors who've viewed what's happening in the universities with irritated anger will say, "well, I still have problems with Trump but these spoiled shits surely had it coming, with all their ridiculous insistences and complaining that only got in the way of their actually learning something... who the fuck did they think they were, anyway -- our bosses?!!" and we'll have lost another wall of people we thought were surely with us. They subscribed to the New Yorker for heaven's sakes. How could we possibly lose them?
The way Fascism goes, is first national "fusion," which draws in gargantuan numbers, including many who you thought were committed to a progressive vision, then the fracture. Civilization has simply tilted too far from what people's corrupt childhoods allowed them.
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If you think Trump's America is only going to appeal to white Americans you'll probably have to do a re-think. That potential unity between white and black Americans that the Black Jeopardy SNL skit suggested, will prove real, as Trump begins his initial objective: not just policies, but creating a spiritually fused nation (Hitler's first goal was national fusion, not an all out war on Jews). You're on the out, not based on your colour -- I think his vision will be inclusive to black and white, though no other colour included -- but by the fact that no part of you wants to drift back into imagining the country you were born in as some kind of spiritual homeland: if you're internationalist, globalist, progressive, atheist, to the core.

I think we need to get used to being just small mammals in the age of dinosaurs returned, knowing that no matter how daunting and impressive their unexpected resurgence, no matter how alarmed we are to see so many of our previously evolving kin start to grow back reptilian fins and whatnot, historically their time of reign is still limited. I think we're going to need to prove adept at waiting things out. Show our foresight and impulse-control, not rush to see what the courts will make of Trump's plans, because they won't be able to do shit. Hillary and Trump got similar numbers, but Trumpism will grow and grow.
- - - - -

Americans were beginning to feel too independent, and parentally abandoned for it, so they regressed (I'm a Freudian) back to the freedom-curtailed 1950s. The people who have most to fear: the people "mommy" hates because they abandoned her for their own spoiled, self-serving self-actualization -- i.e. progressives.

If America had been giving guaranteed annual incomes and a life of prosperity to everyone dispossessed by trade deals, this still would have happened. It's not the money troubles, the Depression, it's what James F. Masterson calls "growth panic" -- a flight from freedom. Psychoanalytic exploration of this phenomena can be found at Lloyd DeMause's website,


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