Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Being Geraldine-Ferraroed: I can't forget it

They actually show Breitbart's ultimate breakdown: When Madden asks, reasonably, whether James O'Keefe and Breitbart ever exposed ACORN abetting actual prostitution (rather than the prank prostitution O'Keefe and Hannah Giles tried to represent), Breitbart, by anyone's measure, kind of goes off the deep end, shaking and shuddering and flapping his hands as he yells at Madden [.]

[. . .]

The crux of Marcus's argument is that Breitbart's hysteria is justified, because in Breitbart's words, "The worst thing you can do ...in politically correct America…is accuse somebody of being a (sic) racism." [. . .] But even more to the point, it's ludicrous to say the worst thing you can accuse anyone of today is "being a racism," or even a racist, as Breitbart argues. It's clearly worse to be accused of supporting death panels for elderly people, of usurping the presidency you're not eligible for, of being the murderous "Joker" from the Batman series, of being a totalitarian Marxist when you're a mainstream corporate Democrat – all the charges the increasingly unhinged right routinely toss at Barack Obama. (Joan Walsh, “Andrew Breitbart’s side of the story,” Salon, 28 Feb. 2010)

Being Geraldine Ferraroed: I can't forget it

The worst thing you can call someone now IS a racist -- sexist, a distant second. Many progressives will come to understand this when they themselves (absurdly) successfully get labeled racist, when their essentially egalitarian efforts are reshaped into elitist-white-person agenda. We will hear much of white progressives' arrogant presumptions of what black people want, and see them AT THE LEAST go "Geraldine Ferraro" stunned, as THEY become the foremost suspect racists. It is possible, too, that we may see them kind of "go off the deep end, shaking and shuddering and flapping his hands as he yells at Madden," as they find themselves shaken, upset, and wholly alarmed, after their world is turned upside down. If this happens, I'm still with them, even though I really wish they'd had the foresight to anticipate this development and so keep their minds so they wouldn't "cooperate" in their "exclusion" by looking so damnably foolish. (Note: I actually suspect that many who see this clip will still identify with Breitbart: he seems a bit Truman ["Truman Show"] coming untethered, as he comes to grips with the horrifyingly malignant world he has been born into.)

Many of the left enjoy being part of the crowd and hounding the crazy. Many now do seem more interested in teasing the right than investigating potential ACORN' improprieties. The right can point to much that is true, but still in greatest truth, always in every case, be FAR FAR less truly caring, more truly indifferent to -- or even, desirous of -- others' suffering. They are those who scream of the killing the unborn but who would have a society where the birthed are poorly tended to -- essentially abandoned: they think themselves well-meaning, Other-caring, but are not well-souled enough to be about anything beyond raising hell over their own personal slights.

Link: Andrew Breitbart's side of the story

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