Monday, March 22, 2010

What Dennis missed out on

"And I'm going to hold people, like Dennis Kucinich, responsible for the 40,000 Americans that die each year from a lack of health care. And I don't care if you're a Republican or you're a conservative Democrat or you're somebody like Dennis Kucinich. The fact is, this does a heck of a lot for a lot of people ... It's not the ideal solution. But we have our foot in the door, and if somebody like Kucinich wants to block that, I find that completely reprehensible." (Markos Moulitsas, quoted in: “The liberal case against Dennis Kucinich,” Alex Koppelman, Salon, 10 March 2010)

The persecutions ahead

Nader has been trivialized, and now "we're" onto the next easiest target -- alien-seeing, munchkin-seeming, Kucinich. But we've got bigger battles ahead, in our effort to take down those who see the world so Reese Witherspoon promisingly, who would want to avoid an age that exults in the bad boys out there being IDed and "dealt with," to truly dispense love and understanding as much as we can: the Paul Krugmans, and then, finally, the Joan Walshs. Koppelman -- though at first with many, many regrets -- WILL dump on Walsh at some point. She's guilty of still being loving and hopeful, when the mood is to punish all those whose pursuit of their own needs has ostensibly lead to all the trouble we are in. Koppelman is looking forward to being part of that kind of muscle.

@Patrick McEvoy-Halston

Did you know Patrick-that Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet? That he never claimed that the movie Love Story was based on him?

That's right Patrick-total fabrrication by his many enemies.

Now did you know Patrick that Kucinich never claimed to see aliens? He says he once seen an unidentified flying object. You know what that means Patrick? He seen a flying object that he couldn't identify. Go outside tonight Patrick. See if you can identify every flying onject that you observe on the sky. get it Patrick? kucinich has bnevr said or claimed that he has seen Alens. But you just did. And ignorant people like you will pick that meme up and run with it. (Mister Dot, response to post)

PS @Patrick McEvoy-Halston

Patrick-you characterize Kucinich as "munchkin seeming." Why don't you post a photo of yourself so we can all see what an asshole looks like. (Mister Dot, response to post)

Mister Dot, this is my point

Flying objects, aliens -- whatever: the point is that he could admit to having seen something, even if he well knows this admittance could be used to make him seem even more the odd-ball -- to isolate him further. Everyone with enough self-esteem to just be natural is going to be so very easy prey when we've decided to make use of ANYTHING unusual you say or do to expulse you from political discussion. As Stephanie Z. has argued, we need to stand up for idiosyncrasies, or those who experiment enough in conversation to put their foot in their mouth every now and then (read, in my judgment: Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan, Paul Krugman, Joan Walsh, Ralph Nader): not just cause they make the world interesting, but because in this age they're perhaps the surest sign we're dealing with someone who thinks for themselves -- i.e. people of high self-esteem -- aka: the good. But of course we're in the process of establishing that those who say the unusual are but another candidate for Salon's "crazy of the week."


I was born with natural good looks, but the munchkin 's daring has me wish I could at least ape his rare leadership, with a more unexpected visage.

- - - - -

Remember, some see TWO ways to a healthier body-politic

History will prove Kucinich wrong that substantial health care reform won't soon enough lie in the wake of the passing of this bill. We'll see it, soon enough after its passing -- gradually clearer signs that politicians on both sides want to see it EXPANDED, not back-stabbed, afterwards. Kucinish, Nader, the impatient and unreasoning on the left -- as Joan Walsh has assessed them -- will be proven self-centered, impolitic, essentially enemies of the people, and will be ignored. Expect Koppelman to chime in on this, more than once.

What will make this possible? When it becomes clear that Obama and the democrats who back him, despite all their multi-colors and their refreshingly engendered, are truly no longer liberal, no longer even feel the need to appear liberal -- and thereby validate its vision -- that their efforts are in fact as much about intending to HURT people as they are about helping, about identifying and making punishment-worthy the lazy and spoiled as it is about enabling them, when it becomes clear that healthcare reform has morphed into a rightest populist measure to promote the well-being of hard-working Americans -- that is, when it IS ALSO an implicit attack on the legions of ostensible vermin of the kind democrats have for long been known to protect, who, it will be agreed upon, bleed the body-politic dry and keep it feeling sickly -- then healthcare will suit the public mood, just fine. The center now is where people who are regressing, people who want a world of truly good and absolutely punishment-worthy bad, go: the corporate-controlled understanding of it (the center) will get us nowhere: people, corporate heads, want sadistic relish much more than they want money -- they'll in fact lose plenty of the green, to see more of the red (the largest story of what wars are about).

This won't be obvious for some time, however. And in the meantime, those who sense the misdirection early -- people like Krugman -- will very readily find themselves rendered Nader-Kucinich impotent and ridiculous. "In the face of every possible bit of counter-evidence, he yet still complains," will be the damning claim made upon him (and so goodbye!). Eventually, with most Americans enjoying being part of the movement, with them enjoined to the promise of the large-scale persecution it will deliver on, people like Joan Walsh will loudly balk. At that point, many Saloners will see her too in the way of tens of thousands of lives being saved (or some such), with much blood on her hands, and all sense that this expression is partly rhetoric will have gone as many contemplate a more appropriate fate for those whose stand hurts thousands of people, than simply being rendered impotent.

You can substantial health care come to pass, but in a way which will be sickly to progressives. I think this is what is about to happen.

Link: The liberal case against Dennis Kucinich (Alex Koppelman, Salon)

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