Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watch out, liberal extremities!

Watch out, liberal extremities!

websmith says:

“White people and an increasing number of minorities are tired of being called racists by the true racists and more appalled that this loony bleeding has spread from the heart to the brain."

This is what many progressives are going to have to get used to hearing -- that THEY are the true racists! I've said this before but '60's liberalism goes down when enough people have decided that, in sum, it was never truly about what minorities, impoverished people wanted/needed, but instead what certain AFFLUENT WHITE PEOPLE wanted to believe those they ostensibly spoke for wanted/needed. They (progressives) will be made to seem, not the most caring, but the most negligent, most truly self-serving. Of course, most democrats in power will not be too afflicted by this, because they're ready to turn on the ’60s too. Why? Because, sad to say, they're getting in mood to want to see the weak and needy set-up as punishment-worthy as well -- the punitive alters in their minds, which "argue" that weakness and neediness is "bad," set up in childhood (representing/embodying their parents’ castigations/norms) but which they've so long managed to beat back or keep cornered, are beginning to take over -- and to do that best the middle-american they used to (admittedly) take pleasure in disparaging must increasingly become actually what's right and pure in America. That is, they're all getting set to become middle-americans now.

So fear now Al Franken, fear now Michael Moore.

Link: What’s the matter with white people (Salon)

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