Could of had elves instead

Tim Donovon wrote:
There is a demographic group in crisis today, though they’re rarely discussed. Occasionally, they’re used as a foil on conservative cable news shows, where overpaid hosts sneer derisively at their endemic “laziness.” Sometimes, members of Congress will trot them out as straw men to drum up support in rural districts.
These are not your struggling baristas with their undergraduate degrees and mountains of debt, or your former-newsmen-turned-retail-drones. They’re not “overeducated and underemployed.” No, this demographic group, the undereducated and underemployed, are in far more dire straits. This subset of millennials might not look like the “Gen Y” that’s commonly portrayed in the media — this site included. They aren’t the duck-faced “Rich Kids of Instagram,” the Lena Dunhams or the Mark Zuckerbergs that we use as generational stand-ins (rather than, say, wealthy and successful millennials LeBron James and Kendrick Lamar).
These millennials – young, undereducated, poor and, all too often, minorities – exist in a state of permanent crisis, victims of a new economic disenfranchisement that took root in the Great Recession and, in the years since, has stubbornly remained. We’re only now beginning to grasp its full scope — and its potential implications for our nation’s future.


Patrick McEvoy-Halston

America hates its kids. I gather it's been fun sport, but they had better watch it. If somehow we all become united nationalists again, in competition against places like China, Mother Russia, and we look at our own youthful promise and see how much work has to be done to build them up in esteem and skills, we might not look so kindly on those who allowed such sad lengthy wreckage upon them. Your best-trained were slipping into retail, and you were still savoring the role of narcissistic master surrounded by fretful kids? You could of had elves but bullied them into goblins instead, because they cringe and cower to authority while proud elves don't? Your time is over, steward -- bring on the return of the king!


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