Heroic progressives standing guard

When "customers sort out all of this" we will have THOUSANDS of businesses that discriminate and will be successful as was the case for HUNDREDS of years.
You just don't give a damn if minorities are discriminated against. Treating them like dogs is OK with you.
And any business that is open to the public should be compelled to comply with anti-discrimination (and anti-smoking) laws.
@nywriter You're being hysterical (not the funny kind). You are also presuming to know how I feel, which is illogical.
No, it's not OK with me if minorities are discriminated against, I would be the first one to boycott a business who did such a thing.
But the larger principle here is how much power do we give the government over individuals.
The problem is that people here are going with emotions over principle.
@Signe_S @nywriter  
No the larger principle is how do we allow racist scum to destroy the lives of millions of Americans by not letting them live in the neighborhoods they want to live in, go to the schools they want to go to, work in the jobs they are qualified to work in.
The USA is supposed to be about equality of opportunity -- unlike the authoritarian governments of the Old World that Americans fled from for centuries.
And you don't even understand government. Government is US. It is US. We utilize government to do things that WE want done as a group that we cannot do as individuals. Such as national security, law and order, and the like. I can't protect myself from terrorists. Or test the safety of the food I eat. Or make sure my air and water are clean.
Thus, WE delegate government to do those things that we cannot do.
Nor do you understand "private business." You're not smart enough to understand the difference between a business that is privately owned and a business that is private. Most businesses that are privately owned are PUBLIC, i.e. they serve the public and are open to the public.
Your lack of understanding of the principles this nation was founded on is morally revolting.
@nywriter  We utilize government to do things that WE want done as a group that we cannot do as individuals.
We can't often do them because it'd make us feel guilty to do so, personally responsible. But if we institutionalize the practice, it's in a different sphere, apart from us. Thus the army crushing women and children overseas has nothing to with our own personal need to see innocent women and children get hurt.


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