Things Chris Hedges doesn't like

Chris Hedges says … that the "liberal class has been bought off by corporate money and promises of scraps," only cares about "its comfortable and often well-paid perch," "has consciously sold out the working class for […] money," "is just trappings and privileges" ready to be "brutally discarded" "by their subject populations." 
Chris Hedges writes that "[the liberal class's] greatest sin [of its possessed multitude] […] has been its enthusiastic collusion with the power elite to silence, ban, and blacklist rebels […] who once could have given the working class, the words and ideas with which to battle back against the corporate state."
Chris Hedges argues that "it is from the liberal class that we get the jingles, advertising, brands and mass-produced entertainment that keeps us trapped in cultural and political illusions."
Chris Hedges argues that the liberal class has "busied itself with the boutique activism of political correctness." 

But, yes, Chris Hedges doesn't much like the Christian Right either. 


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