Pushy kids

Once a generation reaches voting age, we should hoped we've raised them in progressive enough a fashion that they'll vote for candidates that'll collectively enshrine free higher education in this country, accessible to all -- that is, that they, their parents, their parents' parents, pay for it, even if many of them are beholden to passed-over "perspectives." 

If someone asks one of them if they're forcing their parents to pay for something they're not quite prepared for, they should reply, "Of course, they've raised me spared many of the sin-pursuing demons that have limited their own lives. Even if they can't right now admit it -- for perhaps these demons having temporarily caught up with them again -- how they raised me shows that mostly they've been with how I'm enfranchising myself now -- You go girl!" 
OMG you're RIGHT!?!?!?!?
This helples, litigious idiot can VOTE!
We're doomed.
@McAvity @Emporium  Hopefully they'll succeed in full, and collectively, the “coalition of the ascendant,” made up of professionals, minorities and millennials, will doom regressive America into higher minimum wages, superior health care, and generous, science-informed education, that'd make Sweden blanche in envy. 


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