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Conversations about C.K. at the NewYorker Movie Facebook Club

Richard Brody shared a link.
A (far-too-)brief word, for now, on I Love You, Daddy, which I saw a few weeks ago and found disgusting. I say that with no exaggeration; in this capsule review, there's only room for a brief overview of what's repellent about the film; the details are even more infuriating. And it's so even without reference to Louis C.K.'s personal conduct. What's more, it's not a case of a well-made film with sickening content (in any case, I'm not even sure what "well-made" means, in any context); rather, it's a sort of aesthetic void, a simulacrum of a movie, and its empty approach to filmmaking is connected with the narrow-minded, bombastic ugliness of its ideas (but that connection is for another time). 
Louis C.K.’s new feature—which he wrote, directed, and stars in—is, on the surface, a gloss on Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” down to the black-and-white cinematography and the lush score. Louis C.K. plays Glen Topher, a New York television writer and producer whose seventeen-year-old daughter, China (C...
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atrick McEvoy-Halston
Patrick McEvoy-Halston "Personal conduct" makes it seem like he was a bad school boy. Reproach on him, for not being a gentleman; for lapsing. But the women weren't grossed out by his "conduct"... a scurry of women fleeing, but humiliated, reduced, shamed by it... and so given this I think rather than Louis C.K.'s lapse in personal conduct we should say Louis C.K.'s deliberate attempt to use women so they feel small, worthless, used, and cast away. When someone undertakes to do something like that, somehow it can't be brought back within the category of inappropriate personal conduct, is my sense.
Karen Kleis Ugh. Can’t think of much else to say. I won’t be seeing this one.
Viki Gonia Hopefully it will never see the light of day.

ric Culp
Eric Culp Sounds like a treatise of justification.
hris Trott
Chris Trott When I saw the trailer, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, Louis CK is trying really hard to get people to mistake this for a Woody Allen film’.
anet Colclough Bargar
Janet Colclough Bargar He has always been yuckworthy and I nean yuck as is "Ewwwwww! So gross!" not yuck -funny.
eth Culp
Seth Culp Nice! I want to see this movie even more now. How are people unable to separate the person from the art? They've done it with most others. I don't see anyone in an uproar calling for Roman Polanski's Oscar to be stripped? He got a standing ovation and he is ACTUALLY GUILTY, not just accused. How come Woody Allen isn't back in the headlines? Without proper evidence and trial, this appears to be turning into a McCarthy style witch hunt.

ndrew Kay
Andrew Kay I agree everyone has to have their day in court. Last thing you need is trial by media.
Judith Karline You can't separate them when the twisted bastard actually makes "art" out of his misdeeds. See his show Louie, episode 'Pamela Part 1'.
Judith Karline And yeah, people have called for Polanski's Oscar to be stripped.
Seth Culp Judith Karline I find his “art”, especially his show Louie, and his stand up particularly hilarious and well done. To each their own though. He has a knack for pointing out the universal ugliness we all share as humans. May not be everyone’s brand of vodka, but to deny it exists or pretend we’re above it I believe is phony and irresponsible. Everyday there are new accusations on someone else and they are unproven yet ruining careers. I’d like to see actual evidence and convictions before we all jump to such harsh conclusions. I don’t see anything in the MSM about stripping Polanski’s Oscar but I’m all for it if so. Hell people are losing jobs and careers based on accusations but they haven’t taken action yet to strip a child rapist’s Oscar. C’mon witch hunters!! Let’s try to be consistent!!!
Diane Watson-Langan When I am watching a movie it feels like I am spending time with the actors in the film. Right or wrong, I am going to have a hard time spending time with Kevin Spacey, as he has not denied any of the allegations against him. I can read a book, listen to music, go to a museum, and even separate myself more from the director's life outside of the film.
Ernest Barteldes Different times. I am sure that if it had happened today, they'd probably treat Polanski much differently. And yes, there is a lot of outrage over Polanski. Remember when he was arrested (I think Switzerland?), a lot of artists came to his defense and many, many people went online and published a list of names of people who signed a petition for his release.
Ernest Barteldes Full disclosure, I was one of those and was listed right next to Antonio Banderas. got my 15 minutes I guess
Jenny Slattery Seth Culp Do you believe these women now that Louis CK said their stories are true? But not before, right? Interesting that you seem more concerned about Louis CK's career than the careers of the women who were silenced and intimidated and limited by their interactions with him - their careers were the ones who were impacted by forces entirely out of their control.
Seth Culp Jenny Slattery Yes I believe them now that their is actual proof in the form of a confession. And that’s all I was asking for. Too many times have people been convicted in the court of public opinion by the media and slander. He did the right thing. And I’m bummed. I appreciated his voice in the world of comedy and entertainment. I hope he gets any help he needs and bounces back.
Jenny Slattery Seth Culp I still only hear concern for him and yourself. Not for these women. Telling, I think.
Seth Culp Jenny Slattery Telling what? What are you insinuating?
Jenny Slattery That you care more about the men you admire being accused than the women being hurt by those men
enny Slattery
Jenny Slattery Even when the women’s stories are proven to be true. Also you take “proof” as the mans word, not theirs. Just a skewed worldview over all where men’s voices and careers and experiences are more valuable. Is what I’m insinuating. I hope you can think about that.
Jenny Slattery ...and maybe that isn’t your worldview but as a woman reading your comments that’s how it feels. Your words have an impact on women who read what you say and who already do not feel valued or heard in this world. Okay I’m done. I realize I’m being confrontational but clearly this is an upsetting and emotional issue. Thank you for listening, Seth.
Yankel Todris There is no evidence that Louis C.K. "hurt" the women who watched him masturbate nor that he "hurt" the one who declined to watch him.
There is evidence that he has been hurt financially, artistically and socially by the fascists posing as feminists.
Jenny Slattery Thanks Yankel for providing another wonderful experience of being a woman on the Internet!
David Troia Yankel Todris Um... and then there’s this guy. *Sigh*
Steven Erickson Yankel Todris Yankel, that's probably the stupidest thing I've ever read on Facebook. How would you feel if a guy who has way more power in whatever field you work in barged into the room, and asked if you wanted to watch him wank off? And if you complained,in public, it could have repercussions for your career lasting years?
avid Troia
David Troia Jenny Slattery Jenny, as a white, heterosexual, Christian male, I apologize on behalf of my tribe. Let’s hope things change for the better but my cynicism runs high I’m afraid.
enny Slattery
Jenny Slattery Thanks for this David And thanks Steven! Appreciate when men say something to other men. Truly. Maybe we can all be fascist feminists together.
Steven Erickson I don't deserve thanks for basic decency. The bar for male behavior seems so low right now.
Yankel Todris Not feminists.
Just fascists.
Simone de beauvoir and Susan Sontag would look at you like you fell off the moon.
Have you ever even heard of de beauvoir and sontag?
Jenny Slattery Steven Erickson fair enough. But a bar many do not clear by a mile, so sometimes worth noting when people do.
enny Slattery
Jenny Slattery Yankel Todris um yes have read both thanks for asking. Do not want to undertake an analysis stand off though. I’ll put my energy elsewhere
Yankel Todris Good move
David Troia Seth Culp Seth, you know I love you Man, but when the argument is Hypocrisy versus Sexual Harassment, always take the side of Harassment. You’ll sleep better.
ankel Todris
Yankel Todris Those of us who have benefited from the anti-discrimination law of the Civil Rights Act must stand up against its blasphemous subversion into a punishment for spurned gay and straight men and women under the rubric of the legal fiction called sexual harassment.
We must not let Tinder destroy the legacy of Lyndon Johnson.
teven Erickson
Steven Erickson And we must not let Grindr destroy the legacy of Jimmy Carter!
rene Rosenvais
Irene Rosenvais Judith, absolutely. This was exactly my thought reading through these comments. Many of Woody Allen’s films can be considered art based on his personal morals and views.
Irene Rosenvais I don’t disagree in principle but what do all the actresses who have spoken out about their experiences of harassment stand to gain?
Irene Rosenvais Steven, his comments are outrageous and he doesn’t deserve a platform to spout this idiocy.
Judith Karline It seems that Seth has a hard time understanding the gravity and affect sexual assault and harassment have on the victims and the industry as a whole. Think of all of the talent squelched by that culture we missed out on. We've read about female writers who had to leave the industry when they wouldn't accept that culture. Are the perpetrators' talents more valuable? No. They aren't.

rian Duggan
Brian Duggan Dittos.
tephen Conn
Stephen Conn I wonder if the review would have been as damning if the sex harassment allegations hadn't come out. Up till now Louis CK has been hailed as the comedy messiah, a combination of Bob Dylan and Lenny Bruce. Now everyone magically hates his guts and treats him like the most untalented performer at open-mic night of all time....
ndrew Kay
Andrew Kay Bill Hicks was better. RIP
tephen Conn
Stephen Conn Andrew Kay You're looking for the 'hate on Dennis Leary' page.
ndrew Kay
Andrew Kay Stephen Conn I like Dennis. He’s good. Or was.
Stephen Conn Andrew Kay Everyone says he's a Hicks copy-cat.
ndrew Kay
Andrew Kay Stephen Conn I’m not sure. Maybe. I just loved Hicks growing up.
tephen Conn

aurice Yacowar
Maurice Yacowar Brody’s record suggests it would have been
alda Vee
Valda Vee Andrew Kay even Hicks had his moments that were challenging
alda Vee
Valda Vee I thought Louis CK’s response to the recent allegations was profound in its truthfulness. He explained the reasons why women are not believed or why they feel paralysed in the presence of an egomaniacal predator.

onathan Milenko
Jonathan Milenko Pulled from distribution. Also the 11/25 screening at MoMA has been cancelled.
Yankel Todris Any screenings in small "independant" theaters?
onathan Milenko
Jonathan Milenko Yankel Todris No. Louis CK is radioactive. No one will go near him. His manager and publicist have both dropped him.
ankel Todris
Yankel Todris I guess he'd rather be seen as a predator than just a loser.
ankel Todris

ean Morris
Dean Morris As someone who worked in one scene as an extra I want to see the film, perhaps for selfish reasons, but these cancellations seem appropriate even though I had tickets for the MoMA screening.
onathan Milenko
Jonathan Milenko You were able to get tickets before they went on sale.
onathan Milenko
Jonathan Milenko Maybe Louis will release it on his own website, providing his hosting company doesn't boot him.
ean Morris
Dean Morris I'm a volunteer there so there are limited seats available to us at the Contenders series. It seems to be removed from the MOMA schedule.
ean Morris
Dean Morris BTW you can buy tickets at for The Contenders series.
onathan Milenko
Jonathan Milenko Dean Morris Yup. I've got alerts set up for the on sale times of the movies I want to see. "Three Billboards" last night. Have tickets for seven more screenings & plans for more. Here's a more direct link, which I needed to use since the museum's site was down when Blade Runner tickets went on sale.
Find tickets from Museum of Modern Art - Film
attia De Gasperis
Mattia De Gasperis as a fan of Louis ck's previous works, i would like to see it as well.

attia De Gasperis
Mattia De Gasperis based on the trailer and some images, it's so weird to see that his directing style seems more cinematic and interesting in his television show, the style here looks derivative and poor, even if there's a clear reference to Stardust memories and some other Allenism(not talking about the "private" Allen). That said, i really wish i will be able to see it and that it finds a release just like every Polanski movie you all saw and reviewed, and just like every other artist some people like to call "troubled" and write books and poems about.
aurice Yacowar
Maurice Yacowar Transgressive art has its own velocity?
unlayo Hillrich
Funlayo Hillrich Trailer, I Love You Daddy. Sickening...

Ernest Barteldes pretty scathing review
a Kristen Virgen
La Kristen Virgen Movie preview is gross, would've trolled his shit anyway.
oel Seligmann
Joel Seligmann Well before the recent revelations about Louis CK, I found him to be a repellent comic - one who cynically goes too far for a laugh in the worst directions.
errence C Briggs
Terrence C Briggs On a related note, we can analyze Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation on its own, without the need to make the movie about the man who directed and starred in it. 

If this Louis CK film is as bad as Richard says, that's the issue for us filmwatchers. When the film is over, we can address the off-screen issues.
oel Seligmann
Joel Seligmann Yes, or we can just not see the film because we never thought he was worth our attention in the first place.
errence C Briggs
Terrence C Briggs Totally fair. I still haven't seen Pootie Tang.

oel Seligmann
Joel Seligmann So this is a movie by Louis CK the purpose of which is to pass judgment on Woody Allen. Such self-righteous temerity boggles the mind.
isa Salazar
Lisa Salazar I pretty much avoid most comedians after a good friend of mine, due his drive to succeed as a comedian, checked his morals at the door. I saw countless of shows when I was supporting him. Most comedians appeal to the lowest common denominator, relying on potty humor and profanity. I saw a man that I really respected revert to misogyny and profanity to get a laugh. I was so disappointed in him. And I told him as much. There are not many comedians who are smart and funny without relying on this type of "humor".
lizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel
Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel Which is what makes Ellen Degeneres so valuable.
ssac M. John
Issac M. John Elizabeth Lloyd-Timbrel Or Jerry Seinfeld
ay Pauley
Gay Pauley Demetri Martin, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan. I don't dispute there are many offensive comedians, but many choose another path.
isa Salazar
Lisa Salazar And I do like Robin Williams and Dave Chappelle and a few others. I'm not a complete grump. 🤓
Janet Colclough Bargar I totally agree, but remember Cosby denigrating other comics for using profanity?
Janet Colclough Bargar Carlin was very profane, but maybe never misogynistic or mean.

al Abbady
Tal Abbady It's interesting how and when old paradigms crumble, or burn to the ground. We didn't see the open and self-entitled predation in 'Manhattan.' It was aesthetic, charming, Marielle Hemingway was the artist's beatific vision. "I can also make one of these," God says. The artist believed this was his right and the rest is history.It's like that Roberto Bolano story - the literatti and elites are being wined and dined and celebrated, and their host lives above a torture chamber.
oe Procopio
Joe Procopio Finally, somebody on this thread with something interesting to say. tired of the virtue signaling in most of these comments.
anet Colclough Bargar
Janet Colclough Bargar Virtue signaling could actually be righteous reaction to systemic violence finally being addressed (albeit weakly with boycotts that may not effect change.)
isa Salazar
Lisa Salazar Vitrue signaling. Isn't that a fancy way of saying "gross"?
atrick McEvoy-Halston
Patrick McEvoy-Halston Janet Colclough Bargar A lot of people are denying their past selves, though. This predatory inclination was in C.K. all along probably, in his art, all along, and he was popular amongst many people who believe they are entrenched liberals. It would due them well to reflect on this, rather than be allowed to pretend they weren't themselves attracted to a person who takes revenge out on women.

oyce Rubin Deschamps
Joyce Rubin Deschamps Why would anyone want to see this? Was "Casablanca" sold out? Better question why would anyone want to make this movie? Aside from $$$ of course. Filth for filth's sake.
isa Salazar
Lisa Salazar There are many like-minded people, as evidenced by today's news.

endy Ervin
Wendy Ervin C.K. was paying homage to his creepy hero.
lizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel
Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel So, judging solely from Mr. Brody's review, I take it this flick isn't a satire that essentially missed its target by several thousand miles?
Mary Zheutlin Peterman I saw the retailers and was totally put off by the video, dialogue and premise.
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