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Further conversations about Kevin Spacey at the NewYorker Movie Facebook Club

Yesterday at 3:23pm
~ Op-Ed from the Times of London (registration is free to access the whole article)…/spacey-doesn-t-deserve-to-lose…
SPOILER ALERT -- See the brilliant, original BBC "House of Cards" with Ian Richardson and how they handled Francis. My suspicion is that Netflix was going to go that way anyway.

Spacey doesn’t deserve to lose his awards
Consternation! The tsunami of sexual allegations that is still gathering force looks like it may wash away the Netflix series House of Cards, to which I am hopelessly addicted. Its star Kevin...
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Roxanne Jones Well, what a freakin' spoiler. :(

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel Apologies!! The original BBC HoC was so popular on both sides of the pond that I thought everyone was already familiar with it and what the US version was following and/or changing (esp. since all the reviews talked about it). I am so sorry!

Roxanne Jones I think the original UK series was on when I was a little kid so it wasn't on my radar.

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel Do watch it -- how it gets where it's going will still be a surprise!

Roxanne Jones I'll see. I'm really pathetically anal about spoilers.

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel I understand and I am so sorry -- I had no idea it was a spoiler -- and, honestly, it has not ruined the narrative because there are things you will not see coming and the performances are incredible -- Ian Richardson takes things to a level that even Spacey didn't hit.

Roxanne Jones No hard feelings! Am I right in thinking that the antihero in the UK version is deliciously wicked or just plain disturbing?

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel Both. And with a British accent....

Mark Schaffer Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?

Mark Schaffer I have in my hand..

Marc Imbillicieri It's not 'Times of London'. It's just 'The Times'.

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel I am well aware of that. But in the US if you say "The Times" the assumption is New York, ergo the qualification. (And I did not put it in quotation marks as a title.)
Jon Andreas Andersson The same goes for a host of other countries, including India and Australia.

Jose Alberto Rodriguez He should not deserve it, but now lets take a better look on behavior, i dont see polawsky and woodie allen droping awards, hell, the casey affleck acussation
And he got an oscar

Vance Prospero-Shandy Melanie Philiips is a venomous harridan.

Andy Ralphs Well she does work for the times which is owned by Murdoch ....

Ralph Benner Checked in on her at She's quite the contrarian.

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Patrick McEvoy-Halston Pompous article. It presumes that many of the people who want massive reprimands against Spacey don't have it in them to consider whom Shakespeare and Chauncer might have been f*cking. What she needs to consider is why exactly she used this phrase, "extremes of personality often go hand in hand with creativity," in this article, as it's one that has long worked to the defence of the Weinsteins of the world, and needs to strongly slumber right now as we give full momentum to this extremely rare moment where all of a sudden the pains of those who've been sexually assaulted is really being considered. 

Why the words, "miscreant" and "philanderer" as well, as if we're dealing with what the Brits call a "character," rather than a clear predator. And why ensure us that people in the past could sexually abuse people without their knowing it as wrong, for it being socially the norm? If we're doing history, then why not remember how each reform moment in British history brought with it a crowd of progressives who wanted those who upheld previous standards pretty much hanged. They woke up, and were aghast at what they saw that had previously deemed acceptable, and went riot on the perpetrators, just like we're doing. Those whose instinct was to ameliorate their excitement, caution them away from too much disrespect, were probably those not so much of the progressive vanguard, and due themselves to be soon superseded. 

And why the concept of "enduring"?... as if already imagining a time decades hence when Spacey is unquestionably deemed a great figure, and she, proven of greater foresight and wisdom than these excitable people, who have all gotten into some bizarre row right now; knickers in a twist. 

Spacey may last through history, as Shakespeare and Chaucer and on and on certainly managed to do. But we should observe exactly how those who had these sorts of "moderate" considerations in mind in the past rather than finding themselves full of upset, when a population had begun to outgrow a certain behaviour, to see if it was their legacy to mostly advance subsequent progress, including those in the arts, or inhibit them. I bet we'll find it is the descendents of those whose reaction was first, massive disapproval and upset, who became vanguard of future great artistic movements. They became the ones who didn't just recall Shakespeare, but made the best use of him.

Ralph Benner Patrick: Must say, even though I'm not entirely sure wtf you're saying, I enjoy your word salad.

Patrick McEvoy-Halston Please don't use the term "word salad," Ralph. You may intend it otherwise, but it's a corrosive term. I'm glad you liked it though, and that you thought to let me know that.

Mark Schaffer Drunk gay actor hits on young actor decades ago at party..Professional life destroyed. Moral: Die young

Maureen Daniels I would read this, but I loathe Melanie Philips too much.

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