Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 best of decade, movie list

My list



Rachel Getting Married

Wendy and Lucy

Step Brothers

Lord of the Rings

Nick and Norah's

Beautiful Mind

Observe and Report


There Will Be Blood

Incredibles and Ratatouille struck me as films for editors, for they make those who shape and control the rangey (i.e., Buddy), the heroes. Wall-E was the film for artists, those who know it’s about aggressing and going outside the lines, even if it makes you a fool / child / Tom Cruise. (I saw the rat in Auto, and was glad to seem him get his comeuppance.) Personally, I think it's hard not to be super self-conscious/aware right now. I think this is just deadly for art, but great for self-management.

Lord of the Rings. I am simply astonished at how infrequently these magnificent films are mentioned. Honestly, I can't figure it out. Were they too popular? Too epic? Too faithful to the source material? Not faithful enough? Too lucrative? I simply don't understand it. A list of 25 films, and they're not there. I mean, c'mon now. (Douglas Moran, response to post, “Stephanie Zacherak on the best movies of the decade,” Salon, 29 Dec. 2009)

Excellent point, Douglas -- particularly apt in consideration of Stephanie's regret at movie makers / viewers without memory. My guess is that LOTR draws you out -- emotions on your sleeves, as it were. You retract afterwards, 'cause it's just no time to feel like you're a dodo, but also because Jackson IS intent on playing upon you -- he is manipulative, a bit sinister. Big fan, but I would be wary about joining his Fellowship: his films have me going a bit "Shakespeare in Love" after "Titanic" too.

Link: Stephanie Zacherak on the best movies of the decade (Salon)

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