Abandoning pappy for our Ewya-mother

On becoming good boys and girls

The movie is about abandonment of a previous God -- the father, the patriarch -- in favor of a return to an older one -- the mother, the matriarch. The patriarch God IS something -- he's the colonel, who singly seems fit enough to take on half the forest. And he was useful, because his focus and force helped us beat back obligations, accounts-owing, and focus on our own lives -- IN our own lives. But while his might remained, that in shadow, well gained. Noticing Her, sensing and fearing her retribution, and feeling all alone, we've decided to abandon our protective pappy and rejoin our Eywa mother. As good boys and girls who are no longer sinning by using dad to abandon home and mother, we feel protected, righteous, and re-invigorated again. Our next move will be to attack those who pollute our together-world with alien thoughts, disturbing intricacies, unacceptable independence. That is, our next move is at least as likely to be against NYT-reading lefties as it is those who stink corporate, on the right. So, yes, corporate-cheering right, be wary. We are coming for you -- unless you learn to McMarch your arrogance on Earth's behalf. But so too, the David Brooks -- and likely even more -- the Paul Krugmans. Our nation can be made to seem our Eywa. Obama, the war-leader, on Her behalf. It's the way it's going to go -- can't you just feel it?

I find the conservative backlash simply hilarious considering their main information source - Fox News - called the film "pro-military." (Smart Moose, response to post, “Conservative backlash against ‘Avatar,’” Salon, 5 Jan. 2010)


It is certainly pro-warrior, and could easily be deemed pro-military. The problem in the film is not military, but a CORRUPTED military. It is military distorted, disfigured, through lack of righteous purpose. It is near evident in their physiogamy -- certainly in their unwashed, uncombed, snide-ful countenances. They're elves turned orcs.

Afghanistan is already something different than Iraq. It's not yet Green and save-the-earth -- it's not "blue-men," serving Eywa -- but it's not so much Blackwater either. Let's just say it's already better shaved, if not yet at the point where it's spun around to fire back at the grunts with the gun.

Link: Conservative backlash against “Avatar” (Andrew Leonard, Salon)


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