Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talking smack to some old bird


Weaver's character -- her name is Dr. Augustine, and she's modeled, at least loosely, on Ripley from the "Alien" films -- is most believable when, in her human incarnation, she's puffing on her nearly ever-present cigarettes. (A chain-smoking scientist: Now there's something you don't see in the movies every day. I wish Cameron would show us more of his naughtier side.) (Stephanie Zacharek, “‘Avatar’: Dances with aliens,” Salon, 18 December 2010)

Still, I think many of us have been wondering: What will become of Michael Cera? It's hard to be a sex symbol when you resemble a beatific, unassuming, preadolescent Jesus on a holy card. (Stephanie Zacharek, “‘Avatar’: Dances with aliens,” Salon, 18 December 2010)

[. . .]

But "Youth in Revolt" suggests, at least, the possibility of something more for Cera. He won't be able to do much about that baby face. But when he's wearing Francois' Eurowardrobe, his gait and his carriage are different. He has more swagger, more attitude -- in fact, he's more successful at getting at theidea of sexiness than even some so-called sexy actors are. (The handsome but chilly Jude Law, as good an actor as he may sometimes be, comes to mind.) Cera may be reaching the end of road as far as playing the eternally sweet, baffled kid goes. His future may lie in his ability to channel his inner shit. (Stephanie Zacharek, “‘Youth in Revolt’”: Michael Cera, sex god?,” Salon, 6 January, 2010)

All might be good on that score. Just saw Michael Cera in the park with Signourney, chain-smoking and talking smack to some old bird who just ain't down with all the what-all, of all that the kids have it in them to say, these days. Later I hear they're going to set some dumb old tree on fire, watch squirrel-monkeys scramble about, on fire, snark, "look!, see -- they moved," as a trial balloon for channelling some inner-shit Giovanni Ribisiesque career-action. As I understand it, they're kinda hoping you might join up, and rather than shed "this embryonic reviewer's youthful genderic biases and extremely parochial appreciation of the film experience itself" (Msakel), make it your calling card, and go over-the-top bad-ass.

Link: "Avatar": Dances with aliens (Salon)

Link: " Youth in Revolt": Michael Cera, sex god?

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