Making it moo for poop-juice

You nailed it

Thank you, Stephanie, for that brilliant and perceptive review. I haven't seen the movie - but I've seen the trailer. And that was enough to convince me that your review is spot on. (Boopboopadoop, response to post, “‘It’s Complicated’: Another missive from romantic-comedy hell,” Salon, 23 Dec. 2009)

You took that movie, and made it moo for poop-juice!

Awesome. Haven't seen the film, but I've seen the poster, and it was more than enough to convince me your review could not be more spot on and brilliant. The only draw back is that I was hoping to avoid the film, but your words served to show me the world I hoped to miss. Mystifying.

Link: “It’s Complicated”: Another missive from romantic-comedy hell” Stephanie Zacherak (Salon)


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