What critics will come to acknowledge

What critics will come to acknowledge, about their draw to the simple

Sitting in a theater being dazzled by James Cameron, I found myself suddenly feeling pretty good about the future. The technology behind "Avatar" is amazing -- but even more incredible is the artistic creativity inherent in the good old human mind. (Andrew Leonard, “What the news biz can learn from ‘Avatar,’” Salon, 4 Jan. 2010)

But it seems to me, this is the story from Avatar. Out of ruin, dispirit -- genuine uplift and communal embrace: the answer. I predict that, eventually, people will drop this it's the technology cover they're using to excuse / understand their being dazzled by the film, while they gradually acclimatize themselves to an awareness of the fact that they are now finding themselves drawn to the simple and reassuring, to what hereto they would have, without remorse, lambasted with scorn. The film did the miracle of laying out the storyline for our future -- in the end, being ungrateful to it would amount to keeping company with Selfridge, way distant from the excusing embrace of Ewya.

"What have you people been smoking out there? It's just a god-damn tree!," is the voice of the critic, of an era, that is passing. Crazily, it is -- alas.

Link: What the news biz can learn from “Avatar” (Salon)


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