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The left might slur, but the right would repeatedly beat you

Why oh why....

is it continuously incumbent upon me to point out what an obscene, blatant, pathetic hypocrite you are, Joan? I can't for the life of me understand how someone like you with such intelligence can have zero grasp of who she and her fellow liberals truly are. Here's the deal: When you feel passionately about my side of the argument, people like you and your ilk (i.e. - Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, Grayson, etc.)are complete trash. The same is true for your side. That's just the way it is. I agree with you about one thing: I have no wish to see any harm come to you or the others I mention above. I have a karma issue with that type of wish. However, it is beyond insulting that you write about your fellow liberals as if you all are the peaceful ones, and conservatives are evil and hateful - as a whole. Come on, Joan. Get a grip why don't you. In just a minute, one of your liberal readers will see my letter and write something to the effect of: "RE: Junebug4 - Fuck You!" Guess what? That letter will get a gold star. Trust me, Joan - you are every bit as evil and foul as you think Rush Limbaugh is. You simply have to be on my side of the fence to see it. (junebug4, response to post, “Get well, Rush Limbaugh,” Salon, 1 Jan. 2010)


Despite all you see, you are missing the crucial. Despite liberals talking about pissing on Limbaugh's grave, most of them, in the company of those who have done them the most harm, can still quite possibly see/feel the humanity in their opponent. They would never have them lined up and shot -- and not owing to some self-serving concern to estimate themselves more civilized.

Some on the right, when they've begun to feel particularly untethered, would save their opponents, only so they can be sure to torture them endlessly first. Once dead, they'll attend to their victims, only to shout at them and beat them over the head a few more times. Remorse is for the emotionally more evolved -- those who tend to find themselves on the left, or in some way well within their company (Tucker, Brooks -- even a little bit -- though you're not going to believe it -- Coulter), if on the right.

Whatever depraved are on the left, they are just nowhere as "gone" as those on the right. Salon was right to focus on the crazies on the right over those on the left -- one is beginning to slur his/her words, the other is away gone in slobbering gibberish. The sane know this; and they're only to be found on one side of the fence.

Link: Get well, Rush Limbaugh (Salon)


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