3-step evolution of the urbane Salon "Avatar" experiencer

Evolution of the urbane Salon "Avatar" experiencer

Step 1) Selfridge stage: “Stupid story -- but great special effects. To those who say it's the story, ‘What have you been smoking out there? It's just the 3D!’"

Step 2) Jack Sully stage: “Right-wingers hate it, so I'll see it again to stick it to them.” First time entering the avatar, after focusing on its technology. Real world is still right-side-up.

Step 3) Avatar stage: “The story is simple -- as simple and pure as Obama's faith in our future!” You've seen it again, and are never really leaving. Avatar --"this is my land" -- has become your world.

Link: Convervative backlash against “Avatar” (Andrew Leonard, Salon)


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