My snark at the "Platform"

The film that defined this past decade for me is itself a decade-spanning epic: Jia Zhangke's 2000 "Platform," a generational bildungsroman by turns joyful and crushing, an account of China's open-door '80s as experienced at street level, by the members of a small-town performance troupe. (They go from propaganda skits to break-dancing demos.) There are films from the past 10 years that I've probably watched more often ("Mulholland Drive," "Punch-Drunk Love," Hou Hsiao-hsien's "Café Lumière"), but "Platform" has the special force of a state-of-the-world address. (Dennis Lim, “Films of the decade: ‘Platform,’” Salon, 15 Dec. 2009)

King of the world
Was "Titanic" this decade? That was pretty good. Leonardo, before he tried to wipe the personality off his face. Stalled ship, with everyone partying ecstacy, just before they're clawing their closest, with some hopeful examples of how to take measure, and be good, amidst all that. "Almost Famous" is cool, but I hope we get to talk about that one. Also, it was so good, it made a lot of money: means we'll all be ready to talk it over, just as soon as you post.


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