Carnivores--what's up with that? (22 April 2009)

Lion, your lion days are numbered!

Did someone here suggest we get lions to go tofu? I'm all for that. A touch of coaxing, and a taste of DNA alteration, and I figure it's doable, maybe not now, but maybe in twenty, maybe. So don't fret you bloodied-up herbivores, and your bazzillion years of being someone else's food without no one giving a shit, sayin' it's all evolutionary goodness and shit: cavalry's comin.' And what we did to the abominable snowman in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and shit, makin' him go veg. and shit, we'll be invitin' ’pon all dem African pussies. No doubt. Word to your mother. No doubt. Word to your mother. Word.

Link: "Earth" (Salon)


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