Response to Emma Peel's praise of Canada (1 July 2009)

I know I'm taking liberties, but if you don't mind, Emma:

Atwood lives downtown Toronto -- I don't even think you can see "geography" from downtown Toronto. And I'm not sure where exactly her loyalties lie: in "Surfacing" -- her supposed most nationalist and anti-American work -- other than the main protagonist (a literate, isolated Atwood-type), the Cdns in it come out seeming worse (or at least more pathetic) than the boarish Americans do. And I remember in her earlier work, at least, rural-types seemed oppressive morons. And if you don't like primitive rural-types, shaped by whatever river or mountain or prairie that happens to be nearby, I didn't think you were allowed to be Cdn. (Emma Peel hardly seems blue-grass. You sure you weren't shaped more by British wit than by prairie gophers?)

Also, all you people readily favoring literate Cdns, check out book-writing Rick Mercer's show-biz history: had a show where all he was concerned to do was show stupid you all are. We're assassins, you Yankies (I'm dual -- favoring my American side). Be careful when you open your arms to us (as you fools are want to do) -- we'll be tempted by your exposed vitals. Falling at our feet with praise on your lips, might placate us for awhile, though.

Link: Oh Canada, my Canada (Emma Peel)


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