Puritan witch-hunts (14 March 2009)

As Tucker Carlson pointed out in the famous "this'll be the end of Crossfire, episode of Crossfire," Jon Stewart has had his days of kissing noteworthy guests' asses, of being a bit too "I'm not worthy," too. But he's now King, takes no shit, but has become, also, something of an unempathic terror. If Cramer reforms, and starts hunting corporate heads' heads, to get him some of that "my opponent is so awful that self-criticism is now optional" heaven, that Stewart comports on, I'm fairly sure the world will not be the better for it. There is real goodness and strength in Cramer (as there is in Stewart), and it is a crime for Stewart to not have shown somewhere in his interview that he senses this in him, too. The way he did it, Cramer will be that much more inclined to pay it all back on some other appropriately set-up unfortunate.

He should have realized that something about the situation was making the normally feisty Cramer become readily contrite and shamed. "This is not a confessional--fight me, damn it! Would it help if we changed seats?" I wish he'd thought and maybe said.

Link: There's nothing unique about Jim Cramer


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