Rebecca Traister's no eatin' no (7 July 2009)

I do not eat rice cakes and salad: an ode to joys of not eating “chick food”

I do not eat things bland and pallid

I will not eat yogurt parfait

Life's not about how much I weigh

I don't like crap in place of lunch

When what I crave are taste and crunch (but not rice cakes)

I'll have good pizza, I'll have some sushi

I'll eat a cheeseburger with John Belushi

I'm a chick, there's no doubt of it

But take your Diet Coke and shove it

(Rebecca Traister, Salon, July 7 2009)

My reply:

On Second Thought, I’ll Stick with my Diet Coke: an ode to the travails of not eating “chick food”

I no longer want things chalky, static

I will not be eating carrots when what I want is some rabbit!

Life’s about expanding your brains, your mind

And me thinks as with the "library," to food, in kind

What I crave is taste, the munch--the gorge

So I'm havin' good pizza, I'm havin' some sushi

I'm eating cheeseburger and growing like John Belushi

I'm now no stick--there's no resolvin' it

So gimme your Cake--no fork, I'll shovel it!

(Patrick McEvoy-Halston, July 7 2009)


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