"Large in spirit, not so much in body" (8 July 2009)

Dueling “odes,” continued:

Can't we all just get along?

I say cheeseburgers AND salad!

I am large (in spirit, not so much in body)

I contain multitudes.

And all of you who are raging at this post suck.

We miss you, Rebecca Traister!

Can't wait for the book.

(Emily, response to post, Rebecca Traister, “I do not eat rice cakes and salad,” Salon, July 7 2009)

my reply:

Emily speaks from her large heart, and her actually fairly trim, even spritely, gut

Emily is large in spirt (but not so much in body)

She contains multitudes, but composed (lets be clear now) rather not of bulkitudes

All of you who rage at her surely suck

--but maybe not of cocktails

(I mean, look at you!: mix in some water!)

thank you, thank you very much.

Link: “I do not eat rice cakes and salad” (Rebecca Traister)


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