Kill. Sacrifice. Virgin. Die. Eat baby. Troll. Salon talk (6 August 2009)

Obama wants to kill your grandma. Sacrificial virgins of the Mississippi. Prada model in wolf's clothing. I don't like his kids. Models, vampires and spoiled brats. Glenn Beck's bashing the the birthers. Prep school casualty. The troll's revenge. Harry and Louise must die. Let the military commissions die.

How could a mother eat her own baby?

All Salon article titles, from August 2nd, 2009, to August 6, 2009 (with the bulk from 5-6th).

This is not sensationalism; it's something's on our mind. If we did a fantasy analysis of it, it'd have us thinking of/wishing for the young and quite old as in for rather a lot of trouble. If we were about to go into a trance state, disengage from reality and engage our dormant troll, we would begin seeing our leader, Obama, and hypnotism/trance states associated together:

Can Obama be deprogrammed?

To see how you too can do fantasy analysis, and see the troll maybe now "stepping" out of Salon-writer/reader' clothing, check out Get with it before we get you!


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