Dog wags its own tail (11 December 2008)

Articles like this one do continue to prop up the idea that if only the centre-left would get a fair hearing, the Canadian populace would receive them well. Most of the left, it seems, still believe that the only way you could have an economic/political system exist which produces a country of haves-and-have-nots, which wastes enormous resources and destroys the lives of countless in wars -- and which does much the same with the environment -- which works against the best interest of those who vote for those who continue the system's existence, is because people have been misinformed or left uninformed, by the evil powers of the misanthropic status-quo.

I don't believe this is the case, and instead think that the reason progressives are only so well received in this country, is not because the wrong books/papers/arguments have been put before the populace, not because other viewpoints have been stigmatized or hidden, but because too many Cdns are not raised with sufficient nurturance for them to sort of naturally believe -- at a gut level -- that life should be good, that they ought to, *deserve* to, live in a warm, welcoming, world. Instead, they see in Harper and Ignatieff, their own. And that's our problem.


Link: The Tyee


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