Heads off, for Obama sport (5 August 2009)


photo from rushlimbaugh.com

american idol

photo from salon.com

What trophy-heads will "you" bring home, in your attempt to court the Master? Orly Taitz is a good choice, but others make claim to it. Look to see who might lie ahead as an irritant to Obama, and make some kind of early claim to it. Obama will get healthcare, but it will be of the sort easy for democrats to cheer but also for Krugman to ponder over. You'll need to do some considerable work to make the likes of him seem suitable for cut-and-baste, but if you can find a way now to ease him on over to the Geraldine Ferraro/Ralph Nader camp of out-of-dates, it might actually be done in a blink, rather faster than we right now be drawn to think.

Link: Should Orly Taitz replace Paula Abdul?


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