Sin (4 January 2009)

Alda, here you (in effect) equate pleasure with sin [and also sort of suggest to me that you might find a return to living in these old times, a bit overwhelming]:

"You couldn't be more wrong. Who wouldn't love like to return to our childhood era of the 50's and 60's and 70's when most of us, blissfully unaware of environmental damage, enjoyed living in one big, happy, mindless, Disneyesque golden years patry expansion - new vehicles, appliances, industries, styles, architecture, etc? But we can't do that now, and sane, realistic people know that in their hearts."

Here you (in effect) equate presumption with sin:

"It's the PLANET itself -- the natural resources and fresh water supply that will ultimately determine its limits. The phenomenon of Peak oil should tell you that. Spend a year in India or Japan and come back to say that hindrances to development are caused by attitude. They're NOT. They're determined by a much bigger, mysterious entity than ourselves - MOTHER NATURE."

And here you sound more like well mannered, sober-minded on the upper decks of the Titanic, than you do the bohemians in steerage:

"If anything, the environmentally minded folks I hang out with have a great appreciation for the sensual arts - music, theatre, etc., and in no way are they either cruel or prudishly conservative and judgemental, but in fact, quite the opposite."

patrick mcevoy-halston

Link: The Tyee


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