Not trod, trod, trod--Have wings! Will fly! (2 March 2009)

PC: "Change doesn't come from mere rejection of tradition."

Mac: "Change comes from those who eagerly anticipate the future, the what might be!"

- - -

PC: "Intellectual tradition comes out of old monastics."

Mac: "Spiritual evolution comes from long-haired hippies, holding hands, in sunshine circles, who dare to dream."

- - -

PC: "I want to see solutions, demonstrable best practices."

Mac: "I want to see purple ponies . . ."

- - -

PC: "Not the latest home cooked theories elucidated by a smattering of buzzwords gleaned from the glowing phospors of iTunes and the Onion."

Mac: "'Gleaned from glowing phosphors!'--What pretty words! What inspiration! (Are you sure you're not like Milton, and in the 'devil's' camp, not knowing?)

What else might we gleam in glowing phosphor' light?"

- - -

Only cooperate as long as you have to. Right now, ItunesU modestly sustains. But it'll soon give flight to those with wings.

Link: After Meltdown, Back to Post-Secondary?


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