"This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but . . ." (25 June 2009)


talladega nights (columbia pictures)

If OS ended up having 300 000 members, revenues that were off the charts, but had come to seem loud and obnoxious, even if still liberal, would the editors at OS care? My guess is they'd be toasting the times, congradulating one another on their entrepreneurial acumen and evidenced democratic sentiment, excusing/assessing all the noise as democracy in action. EPs would bring in some bucks, feel more like published authors, and show how all -- if you look at it the right way -- has actually matured and progressed over time ("Sure, we'd all like to live in Utopia, but it's really about time you came to appreciate that with adulthood comes compromise, kids"). You'll lose a lot of the truly decent, the inspiringly hopeful and ethical; hopefully they'll be off to start up a non-profit, and keep us in the know about it.

Ads in the middle of the page -- how obnoxious. "This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons" (Talladega Nights"). "This ad is counter to the content and feel of my post, to why I associated myself with my favorite site in the first place, but hints that I might just go big-time . . ." (OS).


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