Just who do they think they are? (12 December 2008)

What follows will likely prove a PR slaughter. My guess is that Harper will easily manage to depict the more left-leaning coalition as presumptive (and therefore un-Canadian), not owing to PR cleverness -- better produced You Tube videos and the like -- but because Cdns are getting in the mood to blame all our troubles on those who embody a more positive sense of human/societal potential (i.e., liberals, with their preference for an open and tolerant society).

Tyee readers will of course see Harper's presumption, but for the most part they're not in the same head-space as the rest who populate Canada. The Canadian Tire/Tim Horton Canadians, that is, those who prefer to imagine themselves as non-descript and monotone, see in progressives an Apple-like inclination toward a colorful, rich, beautiful life, and it makes them furious (I wasn't allowed to be like that! You're not allowed to be like that!).

Again, if I'm wrong -- good. It means, so to speak, that were moving beyond PC moguls towards mountainous Apple glory.


Link: The Tyee


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