Rouge around the nipples (3 July 2009)

Rouge around the nipples helps. But if after all this time her "competition's" still possessed of a "pulsing latina XXXX," you might as well indulge in some more icecream and enjoy the allowing fit your own "bermuda" comfort affords . . .


Did you know that you can get flavoured rouge specifically for that purpose?

Natalie Not Pedantic

Awesome. I'll get you to try it on for me, sometime.

Patrick McEvoy-Halston

I have no nipples. Its a common trait among Australian women and the reason why Australian men seem to always look so grumpy.

Natalie Not Pedantic

Yeah, I wondered as much. But answer me this, without primed perks, without sweet succulants, what's to suck on? Don't tell me all the men down there go at it gaping mouthed -- trying, stupidly, to take in the whole damn thing? Such, surely, would be beastial -- beyond poetic redemption, even by any so skilled in lending favor they could tease romance out of a pound of crap, out of a grandiose dollop of virulent piss.

Patrick McEvoy-Halston

Holy Crap[-stick.......

Gary Justis

Earlobes, tips of tongues and bottom lips. They don't do too badly at it either, from what I've heard.

Natalie Not Pedantic


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