It's not going to matter: deflection will ace revelation (4 August 2009)


photo by Jonas Karlsson

It's not going to matter. This is period where the press assist Obama in demonstrating just what will happen to you if you raise a stir, where we get a sense of the kind of muscle that backs Obama, and I think Americans will get an erotic thrill from the devastating ruthlessness. It may in fact be what they "were looking for." The birthers, the doubters, the annoying pests will be eviscerated, and Obama's agenda will get back on track. And then when some complainers start taking on this agenda in the "wrong" way, they too can be shown refusing rides, talking to the wrong people, as having read the wrong books, said the wrong things: they too can be derided all Geraldine Ferraro out of the way. The truth of this is not going to matter. The land-of-birth thing strikes me as immensely silly. But it won't matter. Even if in our face, we won't see it--if it comes close to that, we'll just start taking a closer look at all that "you’ve" been up to.

Link: Salon's handy-dandy guide to refuting the birthers (Salon)


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